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What Is Navrati Celebration?

๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’• Navratri is one of the most important festivals in the Hindu calendar.

It's celebrated all over the world, as an honouring to the Divine Feminine, and lasts for nine days & ends with Dusshera (10th day - the triumph of good over evil).

Nav means nine and Ratri means nights.

People come together during Navratri to celebrate Durga, the mother goddess who carries lots of weapons in her many arms & sits on a Lion.

(Durga has many names: Amika, Chandika, Narayani, Mahadevi etc)

While the pattern varies somewhat by region, generally the first third of the festival focuses on aspects of the goddess Durga the second third on the goddess Lakshmi, and the final third on the goddess Sarasvati.

As Navratri depends on the Lunar Calendar in some years it may be celebrated for 8 days, with Dussehra on the 9th. There are four similar festivals, also called Navratri, which are held at various stages of the year.

One of these being today Wednesday March 22nd which also falls on the New Moon.

However, the early autumn festival, also called Sharad Navratri, is the most significant. It begins on the same day as Durga Puja a 10-day festival devoted to the victory of the goddess Durga, which is particularly celebrated in certain eastern states.

It is usually held over the month of Ashvin (Sept-Oct)

The 9 days of Chaitra Navratri 2023 with 9 goddesses is in the following order - Day 1 is Shailputri, Day 2 is Brahmcharini, Day 3 is Chandraghanta, Day 4 is Kushmanda, Day 5 is Skandamata, Day 6 is Katyayani, Day 7 is Kaalratri, Day 8 is Mahagauri, and Day 9 is Siddhidatri


๐Ÿ’ซ Who Is Durga?

Durga is the goddess of Protection, Courage & Inner Strength.

She is the ๐Ÿ”ฅ FIRE Power/ Solar Plexus Chakra Born From The Bodies Of The Male Deities - A temptress & executioner all in one!

Durga is best known for destroying an evil demon (named Mahishasura) in a battle which lasted nine days and nights and that is why the festival lasts for nine days and nights.

She rides a Lion which represents her courage & animal nature.

Usually depicted with 18 arms holding a rosary, axe, mace, arrow, thunderbolt, lotus, bow, pitcher, rod, s'anti, sword, shield, conch, bell, wine-cup, trident, noose & discus.

These were said to be gifts bestowed upon her by Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva (Lord Gods).

Whilst in battle she grew a thousand arms to destroy evil.

These swords represent the cutting through of Maya (illusion) to reveal Truth beyond the psychological construct of mind & ego.

Each day is represented by a different colour which symbolises one of her distinct characteristics or traits. Many Hindus wear a different coloured traditional outfit each day to reflect this.

The festival ends with what's known as Dussehra, which is the celebration of good over evil.


๐Ÿ’ซ The Yogic Deity Story...

A more powerful God, Lord Brahma, had blessed Mahishasura (evil demon) with the gift of immortality because of his dedication to him, which meant he could never die.

However, this gift did come with one condition - the only person who would be able to defeat Mahishasura would be a woman.

Mahishasura didn't think any women would be strong enough to kill him and was happy with the deal.

Over the years, Mahishasura and his men became a powerful force attacking people on Earth and no gods were able to defeat him.

Finally Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva - the three most powerful Hindu gods - decided to come together and create the goddess Durga, a powerful woman whose job would be to destroy Mahishasura.

The gods equipped the new goddess Durga with lots of weapons (hence her many arms) before she went into battle with Mahishasura.

Durga fought the demon for 10 days, and it proved quite difficult as he kept changing his form to confuse the goddess. However, when he finally turned into a buffalo headed demon, Durga was able to defeat him.


๐Ÿ’ซ How Is Navrati Celebrated?

How the festival is celebrated varies depending on where people live.

Typically, the festivalโ€™s nine nights are dedicated to different aspects of the divine feminine principle, or Shakti.

Offerings are often made to the goddesses and their various aspects, and rituals are performed in their honour. One popular ritual is Kanya Puja, which takes place on the eighth or ninth day.

In this ritual nine young girls are dressed as the nine goddess aspects celebrated during Navratri and are worshipped with ritual foot washing and given offerings such as food and clothing.

but during Navratri some families choose to fast, only having milk, water, fruit and nuts during the day, followed by a full meal after sunset.

Some people only have water and a simple meal at night.

The celebrations for some also involve lots of celebration & dancing!

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