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Yin/ Ida/ Shakti Breath | The Sacred Feminine

Dear Lightworker, This week I'm inviting you to explore... "Yin/ Ida/ Shakti Breathing"...

"She/ Yin/ Shakti/ Ida is the life energy that animates the female principle, and the male principle in turn animates action in the world.”.

The Divine Feminine energy (Yin/ Shakti) is like water: fluid, receptive, nourishing, creative, trusting, flowing, flexible and intuitive. The Divine Masculine energy (Yang/ Pingala/ Shiva) is like fire: providing the structure for growth, action and success. We all have a combination of these two massively powerful energies within us. Yet, when not in union they can fiercely oppose one another, split in opposite directions and create separation/ war rather than inclusion/ peace. This shows up as victim/ aggressor energies, battles/ war, destruction/ chaos, pain/ suffering & a separation from the soul/ true self/ divinity. The healthy union of these two energies allows the divine to create effortlessly through us, synchronicities/ magic happen & we experience flow states/ being in the zone. This often can feel terrifying for the ego as it's held onto toxic programs about femininity & masculinity for thousands of years that often feel safer than letting go & trusting/ surrendering to a higher will. Self Sabotage Is A Result Of Yin/Yang Imbalance. This can show up as an intense conflict between heart & mind, physical illness, unfulfillment, lack of purpose & relationship disconnection. As you awaken to the call of your heart & do the deeper inner work to move towards evolutionary relationships, you will be pulled into more light, consciousness & enquiry into your own energetic masculine/ feminine imbalances. The yin/ creative force/ birther, feminine energy must heal, transform & rise first in order to create a safe container/ space & vacuum for the divine masculine to enter/ take action. So, start with bringing your feminine into alignment and your masculine will then support the rise too. MedYoga Therapy is a somatic breathwork & bodywork practice to align these two energies into sacred unction with the divine. My Body Deserves To Feel Divine Ecstasy! My Body Is A Magnetic Field Of Possibility. This week's 5min Miracle will help to awaken the feminine, bring her trauma to the surface & balance out Ida Nadi. We have approx 72,000 nadis (energy channels) which all connect to 3 main channels. Ida is symbolised by the moon and also representative of the feminine energy. It is located on the left side of the spinal cord and connected to the left nostril and the right/ creative side of the brain. The primary goal of Yoga is to balance the masculine (Pingala) & feminine (Ida) aspects within us & move these two into the central channel of the spinal cord called Sushumna Nadi which is the doorway for Self Realisation. Nostril breathing is one of the easiest ways to balance these energies. ***Daily practice is recommended. To Your Awakening & Ascension! Davinder x


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