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The Healing Power Of Voice...

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Namaste Beautiful Soul, Hey Beautiful Soul.

The full moon yesterday was super intense for me & many of my empath/ highly sensitive clients.

Perhaps you felt quite shook up, intense & uncomfortable in your body too? (typical of a full moon/ eclipse/ release phase).

Navigating through the physical ascension symptoms of "Awakening" can be massively challenging - you're not alone!.

We all have a soul longing to feel safe, free & at home in our bodies.

Yet, we carry so much pain collectively deep within our hearts.

The trauma of our ancestors lies buried within our cells.

The Global Mass Awakening is the call for humans to transform the unconscious programs trapped in lower density into the light frequencies coming in.

It takes huge courage to stay present with these energy blockages & hold the space, compassion and love to allow old unprocessed emotions to be felt, seen & comforted.

We resist what's uncomfortable & the mind protects fiercely.

Many lightworker women in particular are being called to go to the deepest of seas within & allow the purging of horrific trauma, brutality, violence & betrayal trapped in our feminine collective field.

A common theme is the raging fire that's been erupting from the root chakra & wanting to blast out through the throat - a space many of us have become greatly fragmented from.

Not feeling safe to share your feelings, not speaking up & tightness in your throat can be a sign that trauma stuck in the vocal cords is waiting to be released.

When our voice has not been heard or we've been shut down by others, the muscles around our throat can tighten up. We can struggle with boundaries, being clear in asking for what we need/ want & blocking our self expression.

Chakra toning vowel sounds, humming & vibrational breath are powerful vagal toning exercises that switch on the parasympathetic nervous system, break up energy energetic blockages & bring to the surface trauma that has been stuck in this part of the body/ subconscious.

My personal pain body/ shadow has been flaring up with buckets of trauma for me to release & free myself from. I have had huge waves of ecstasy, divine connection as well as exhaustion, terror and shock waves through my system.

When we're pulled into almighty despair & trauma we may fear this is too big for us to release -Yet, this is precisely when you're often about to breakthrough & on the verge of a portal opening into a higher dimension.

So don't you dare give up on your creations, keep healing, trust you can do this & never underestimate the strength of your soul. Your soul has a voice wanting to burst out of you...

Your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have.

It can be used to inspire change, to self soothe & to advocate for others.

You're not alone if you've had a hard time remembering to tap into its power or even daring to consider opening up to the trauma that exists here. For me, this is where a huge trauma wound exists from a childhood abuse brought in from a past life as a healer.

Thousands of women were persecuted for their healing powers, gifts or just for being a women. This fear still exists within us & until we stand up and say "The buck stops with me" we remain stuck.

Over the last decade I have worked with hundreds of women who have been abused, raped, mistreated, rejected, attacked or harmed in some way. Each experienced has humbled me, is unique & yet so similar.

The beauty of these times is we are no longer believing we must hide behind masks, drenched in shame & feel unworthy of divine love & connection.

Six months ago I made a commitment to use my voice. To face my trauma & love myself through the healing towards my most authentic voice.

I was reminded by my therapist during abuse, if the abused is held down by force by the abuser voice is usually no longer a safe or natural resource. In my case, I can validate that at a time where I should have used my voice more than ever I stayed silent through the full incident & perhaps even more painfully, the years that followed.

There is a difference from being silent & being silenced.

We cannot be silenced in the now.

There is so much strength in sharing your voice, your story & the many pieces that make up your soul creative expression/ whole authentic self.

Your voice is an essential divine aspect of your feminine.

Join us in "The Lighthouse" for a monthly class as we access the power of sound to awaken the dormant energies within our throat, chakras & cells...

Let's move energy from Dormant, to Distorted, to Divine!!!!

To Your Awakening & Ascension! Davinder x


Join us in "The Lighthouse" - My member's toolkit, sanctuary & community -

Enjoy all there is to offer at your own pace...

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