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🦋 New Year 2023 | Mental Health, Breakdowns & Collapse...

The Lighthouse Is A Soulful Community, Spiritual Toolkit, Holistic Mental Health Education Centre & Soul Awakening School Created By Davinder Ojalla.

Happy New Year!...

In evolved spiritual practices, we learn how to celebrate when our world, life, body & mind crash, breakdown & no longer work for us.

We do not associate this as a Mental Health disorder.

We understand the fire is a necessary challenge for the new forming wings of inevitable change . We dance, heal & grow through the breakdowns.

We're often conditioned to control, fear, label & take action to fix prematurely vs ride the uncomfortable energy of change, loosening old energy, thoughts & beliefs & creating the necessary time to rebuild a connection to the Source/ Authentic Power.

We want quick fixes & immediate healing, preferring to believe we are faulty, rather than laying foundations for life long organic growth, building trust in Self & a willingness to do the digging necessary to pull out the causal roots.

Often being resistant to doing the important

inner work of transformation.

All the solutions to the world's problems, come together when we individually liberate ourselves from the old grip of what our minds keep catching on. Mental challenges are a call to deeper & deeper awakening, not the problem society is making it into.

For yogi juniors, I know how terrifying this stage of transformation can be: the loss of an identity, letting die parts of us we believed to be who & what we are & the fear of not having a life, mind or body that looks like the glossy magazines/ celebs/ how happy, succesful & together others seem to be.

So rather than love ourselves exactly as we are during a breakdown, we prefer to label it with a mental health condition & suppress our emotions with pills.

The unqualified Mind we choose not to exercise, train & learn to master (as pills & addictions are quicker) reaching speeds of 100mph on roller skates, screaming don't go into the Heart - stay on the freeway with me offers a way out of suffering!

(The mind is lying btw - it is not the freeway).

You simply needed to open to your own loving nature.

All mental health conditions have 1 root cause -

An alienation from the Heart, through ignored, unprocessed emotional wounds that never completed their full cycle. Your mind broke your heart by tempting you away from listening to the cries, sadness, grief, anger you felt as a child/ past life.

Whatever got stored is hurting you today, hurts others & unconsciously dumps harm onto the Earth.

Trying to live up to the expectations of those that taught you to be loved, means being what you are NATURALLY NOT, is a common disease of society.

In order to awaken, you must be willing to loose all that is not natural. Life runs in cycles & is always trying to breakdown all that is not natural for you. By remaining busy all the time, you stop this process of. love.

Let it do this for you this time without your premature interference - as it really is love not a punishment. Could you loose everything & still be home?

Yes - absolutely, but we have just forgotten this powerful truth. Home is here now & never leaves you. But - you have a tendency to leave it.

Use The Heart As The Freeway.

& The Mind Will Follow.

In this lifetime my soul has been mastering the lesson of birthing & allowing the many deaths of me, refining my usual neurosis by holding me more stable in the heart.

And so not having to leave the physical body at each death cycle nor wait for the next incarnation. We will all learn to have many more lifetimes in one!

I noticed this in my twenties, when people would ask about my life & say - gosh! - you have done/ loved & been so many things in life already!...

A teenage rebel, competitive school girl footballer, school champion tennis player, silver service waitress/ bar tender, Sainsbury's checkout girl, nightclub waitress/ dancer/ promo girl, shop manager, regional director, sales director, recruitment manager, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, counsellor, cbt/ trauma therapist, ecstatic dance guide...

Which of these was me? - none of them.

They were simply all adventures & experiences that my True Self got to experience. And once it was done, it stripped off the clothing & put on new clothes.

What's next? - You don't need to know.

The moment you think you need to know, you start to control life which inevitably creates a bridge that erodes alignment with the greater current.

We often control, manipulate, strategies, over plan etc because we have forgotten our True Self. The True Self is a higher state of consciousness that is formless & does not make decisions, try to get anywhere but moves in & as the flow.

So, I invite you this New Year to let go of what wants to be let go of & allow what wants to come in, to come in.

4 tips to help you do this below...

1). Don't purchase anything from your mind. The mind cannot sell you anything that you are not willing to buy. Don't plan the year ahead nor write goals, strategise, etc. Drop the mind completely & you will notice how much fear, doubt & resistance arises - great!. All this energy has been blocking you from trusting divine flow/ magic & where the Life/ Universe/ Soul wants to take you next.

2). Get comfortable doing nothing & just being silent. Have 1 day a week where you detox completely - no laptop, phone on silence, no going into the past or the future & no doughnut!!! (hehe even if they are vegan).

Simply be with life & notice your relationship to life.

3). Start to explore intuition by holding back. Pay closer attention to your usual impulsive addictions (mental, emotional, physical). Create a gap from a usual pattern, habit, thought, doing - even if it's only a 5min delay & notice the space that arises within you. Once you start to notice this inner space, it speaks to & through you!.

4). Stop hurting Mama. Write a list of things you do, places you go, products you buy, foods you eat, things you throw away, thoughts you think & desires you think you must have that leak energy & take unecessarily from Mama Earth. You'll be surprised at how many choices you make every day that hurt Mama. Your higher consciousness is needed now.

This is how we return to our True Power!

What society needs most right now is more & more people in their True Power & so that means putting down the weapons you have that burn the Natural Self rather than the Ego.

I Thank you from the bottom of my deeply healing heart for doing this work alongside me & for playing your part for the conscious evolution of this world.

May our children be birthed into a beautiful, safe & non toxic world,

May we stop harming ourselves & our children,

May we be courageous to break the cycles of consumerism,

May we let our children be who they are naturally.

To Your Awakening & Ascension! Davinder x


Join us in "The Lighthouse" - My member's toolkit, sanctuary & community -

Enjoy all there is to offer at your own pace...

The Lighthouse Is A Self-Transformation Toolkit, Spiritual Education Centre & Soul Awakening School Created By Davinder Ojalla.

Offering Free/ Donation Based Virtual & In-Person Classes, Workshops & Retreats.

Holistic Energy Medicine, MedYoga Therapy, 7 Keys Meditation, The Awakening Process, Mindfulness, Sacred Ecstatic Dance, Crystal Sound Bowls, Energy Healing, Coaching, CBT & Counselling ...

Designed Specifically For Mental Health, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Addictions, Anxiety, Suicidal Crisis, Nervous System Recovery & Spiritual Awakening.

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