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Are You Avoiding Pain?

Dear Lightworker, I have a message from my Spirit Guides in reference to the essential need for embracing pain right now & actively sitting with it both alone and with others that are awakening... There is also a video recording of "The 7 Keys Meditation" below to get you started on your journey to dissolving, embracing & managing your trauma. One of the most challenging aspects of ascension is the often shocking "waking up" to the trauma of your past/ ancestral lineage. Many old souls are going to be at a loss, standstill or even suicidal over the next few decades due to the shocking level of ancestral trauma that is going to be cleared out of the collective body. We're currently entering a timeline potential on the planet that will seek the complete dissolution of the unconscious mind. WTF?? (says me) - 90%??? - YES!!!! (say the guides). This will result in a world that is no longer divided - a purely conscious world referred to as "The Golden World". For us to achieve this mission lightworkers, you have to continue to vomit/ purge/ unload everything stored in your unconscious mind. Go in & through your physical body to declutter & clear all karma & cellular memory (The 7 Keys/ MedYoga/ Awakening Process). This is the only way the deeper roots of unconsciousness can be pulled out, re-routing the brain and steering you to freedom & liberation. Your actions across the planet are simply the result of the coding within your cellular structure - the bodies stored information is the major control panel for the brain and mind. In order to shift realities higher consciousness must be activated. This is a long process that is just starting and unlikely to complete in your lifetime. But you are at the forefront of this evolution for our Earth family. By raising the frequency of your physical body you become your Light body which will lead to the future potential for humanity to be transported to other realms and dimensions other than just Earth. You will be able to access your Multi-sensory abilities, connect to Spirit Guides/ Higher Beings (ET's) & live in alignment with the cyclical nature of the Earth Mother. Now, that needs a heck of a lot of preparation in managing your mind, processing emotions & establishing yourself as presence vs person. The unconscious mind has been hidden for a good reason & the brain has protected you from it for good reason. There is much violence, aggression & brutal attack energies that need to be disarmed. Humanity will be forced to handle this evolution & learn to evolve together as a family through consistent, regular practices and showing up daily to what's yucky. Doing the inner work of transformation is not going to be an option. You will be called to transform & master your energy to meet this new frequency/ higher consciousness coming onto the planet. You never signed up to work on the Earth School alone with your fear, pain & wounds. Yet, so many of you are trying to do your spiritual work in that way as the world has got so unbearably noisy. You can't cope with your own pain let alone anyone else's. However, in order to heal pain and in particular the brutal energies of pain that are being released right now- you need the love of the Mother. You must bring The Divine Feminine back into your hearts so you can heal this terrorised, persecuted, tortured pain of your ancestors that is rising to the surface in your bodies. It is only The Divine Feminine heart that can provide the warmth, comfort & soothing balm needed for your own wounds & the wounds of others. It is the energy that breaks down the hardened edges of your hearts, collapsing the walls & flowing it's true beauty back into your lives. You need one another's love to heal right now, You need your own love to heal right now, Yet, the quality of your (egoic) love is lacking, Only divine love can take you through these times. As a society, you've been conditioned to steer away from pain & instead put on a happy suit or do anything than be someone in pain. The judgments you carry about pain is causing pain to suffer in silence, alone & become consumed by the shadows. Pain is one of the most highest of spiritual lessons - it demands to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged, accepted & respected. Please, please, please stop running from pain as it needs so much love. It is your teacher to mastery of unconditional love. This is your mastery & what is needed on the planet today. You were chosen because of your capacity to love, to break, to burn & still rise and not give up. The purpose of healing/ meditation is to change ancestral patterns. Dependent on where you are on your soul journey, you will be on one of the following steps: 1). Unaware & completely unconscious to the level of pain you are carrying around in your cells every day. You are likely busy, busy, busy..caught up in much doing and not much being. 2). The Universe is stalling you, putting walls up & not allowing you to forge ahead until you sit in the fire with your pain and start to give it the love and kindness it is worthy of. 3). You are learning to transcend your pain, feel it deeply yet also know it is not you - it is energy that is starting to circulate again. It's tough, tough, tough but now you are consciously moving it out/ alchemising it through your body with your mind/ consciousness/ love/presence. We all have ancestors which means we all have past trauma held deep within our cellular body, memory, beliefs...the echos of what went before. This sudden realisation can often make you feel you are incapable of dealing with the level of pain that is screaming for your attention. Yet, you beloved lightworker are the old soul - the one who chose to incarnate at this precise time as you have the capacity to stay with pain so that it can transform through the physical vessel of your sacred divine body. I thank you for doing this deep inner work. Your light cannot ever go out. To help support you to become a lighthouse that shines brighter & brighter, I'm going to be inviting you to a free gathering each month in support of The Divine Feminine. It's important for you to understand how TDF will impact your life, business, health as we move into The New World. I hope to bring men & women together to learn more about The Divine Feminine - a source of education, inspiration & community. I have just created an Instagram Page for it below, so please follow if this is of interest to you. I will also share channelled messages from my Spirit Guides: The Guardians Of Light & Quan Yin. For now, I'm going to be going into silence for the majority of August & so will connect again in September. Have a joyful, pain embracing Summer. To Your Awakening & Ascension! Davinder x


Join us in "The Lighthouse" - My members community & enjoy all there is to offer...

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