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🦋 20min | Alternate Nostril Breathing | Introduction Level | MedYoga Therapy @The Lighthouse...

Updated: Mar 11, 2023


A Selection Of Tools, Therapies & Exercises Designed To Stimulate The Vagus Nerve & Activate The Parasympathetic Nervous System.

The Lighthouse Is A Holistic Mental Health Education Centre, Nervous System, Childhood Trauma & Soul Awakening School Created By Davinder Ojalla.


🔥 Anuloma Viloma / Alternate Nostril Breathing |

Breathwork & Pranayama 001

Anuloma Viloma is powerful breath that purifies the nadis, calms the mind, stores & controls pranic energy, balances the psychic system & prepares us for deep states of meditation required for the transcendence of ancestral trauma.

This exercise should be mastered & practised on a regular basis before going on to more advanced pranayama exercises.


🪄 Magic In Breathing

Real breath control means controlling the way we exhale, not the way we inhale.

Energy is best renewed by the orderly release of breath, not by strenuously pumping the lungs full of air. Thus, in sustained physical exertion your power is enhanced when you concentrate on the slow expulsion of air from the lungs.

Speakers, singers, swimmers & runners know this.

The rest if us can verify it by a simple test...

When you step into a cold shower, the tendency is to gasp and tense the muscles. This only increases the torture. Instead, if you try breathing out in a steady purring/ audible breath, you will be amazed at how little the temperature of the water affects you.

Exhaling helps the body accommodate itself to change.

Most of us are only half breathers. We breathe in because we can't help it, but we fail to breathe out completely. The result is that we sign a lot, a sign of our need to exhale. The sigh is nature's way of defaulting the lungs when we have neglected the breathing apparatus long enough.

Normally we breathe without effort - approx 18x a minute, 1080x an hour, 25,290 x a day.

The more air exhaled, the more we can breathe in. The amount we take in, measured by a watch-size instrument called a spirometer, is known as vital capacity & is the object of all breath discipline.

Consciousness of breathing is an essential habit to cultivate to increase vital capacity. Once you grasp the natural, organic & powerful rhythm of correct breathing, you will find many rewards in terms of health & vitality.

Weekly Challenge: Breathe out completely & consciously before any task.

(Source: Sivananada Yoga School).


👇 Use Daily For At least 1 month, before moving to level 1, 2 & 3 (Beginner, Intermediate & advanced @The Lighthouse/ MedYoga School.


💫 Cleanses the nasal passage, lungs & respiratory system,

💫 Retention, rate of gaseous exchange in the lungs is increased,

💫 Breath naturally alternates between two nostrils, changing approx every 2hrs.

💫 Breath in the right nostril is hot, symbolically referred to as the Sun/ Pingala/ Yang.

💫 Breath flow from left, is cool & refers to the Moon/ Ida/ Yin

💫 Balances these two energies & hemispheres of the brain,

💫 Strengthens & increases the capacity of the lungs & intercostal muscles,

💫 Helps to drain the sinuses & eliminate accumulated mucus,

💫 Helps the body to eliminate large quantities of carbon dioxide & other impurities.

💫 Added intake of oxygen enriches the blood & renews body tissues.

💫 Supports the healing of asthma, lung congestion & sinusitis


⚠️ Counter-Indications

***Should not be attempted when an asthmatic attack is in progress,

***Always consult your doctor before embarking on any holistic health therapies.

***Take 100% responsibility for your own health & wellbeing.

We advise practicing MedYoga & Breathwork on an empty stomach or after a light snack/ 2-3hrs after a meal.


💫 MedYoga Therapy Works With The Vagus Nerve, A Gentle, Intuitive Somatic Breathwork & Bodywork Therapy 4 Complete Beginner's. Designed Over 20yrs To Support Mental Health, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Addiction, Chronic Pain, Ascension Fatigue, Suicidal Crises & Nervous System Recovery. A Consciousness Practice For Awakening, Self Discovery, Energy Healing & Soul Embodiment.


🌺 Trial A 60min Class HERE:


To Your Awakening & Ascension.

Love,Davinder x



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To Your Awakening & Ascension! Davinder x


Join us in "The Lighthouse" - My member's toolkit, sanctuary & community -

Enjoy all there is to offer at your own pace...

The Lighthouse Is A Self-Transformation Toolkit, Spiritual Education Centre & Soul Awakening School Created By Davinder Ojalla.

Offering Free/ Donation Based Virtual & In-Person Classes, Workshops & Retreats.

Holistic Energy Medicine, MedYoga Therapy, 7 Keys Meditation, The Awakening Process, Mindfulness, Sacred Ecstatic Dance, Crystal Sound Bowls, Energy Healing, Coaching, CBT & Counselling ...

Designed Specifically For Mental Health, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Addictions, Chronic Pain, Ascension Fatigue, Spiritual Awakening, Suicidal Crisis & Nervous System Recovery.

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