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2022 | A Year Of Massive Transformation...

The Lighthouse Is A Community 4 The Divine Feminine, A Self-Transformation Toolkit, Spiritual Education Centre & Soul Awakening School Created By Davinder Ojalla.

Reflections & Gratitude | December 2022

2022 | Take Aways:

"Let All That Wants To Die, Die. Let All That Wants To Birth, Birth".

"Don't Be Fooled Into Believing You Are Anything Other Than The Space That Witnesses It All",

"Smile Inwardly At It All Whilst It All Plays Itself Out On The Canvas..."

"Affirm Daily: It All Couldn't Have Ever Been Anything, But Divine..."

Are You Ready To See The Divine In Everything As We Waltz Into 2023 With Even Bigger Hearts?...

Hey Beautiful Soul,

As we enter the last couple of weeks of 2022 & prepare to make way for 2023, I find myself in a secluded rural location, cosy in a beautiful home I am house/ dog sitting for. Having left my busy mind behind for 10 days, dumping my usual to-do list I find myself a little anxious with being fully present - no planning, no past, no movement of mind back or forwards.

Simply being here, right now to enjoy what's here - so much beauty!!! - yet my body & mostly my heart/ throat/ 3rd eye (upper chakras) are not totally at ease with this huge jump into the unknown. The world of "No next..."

For many years now, I have opted to spend New Year's Eve alone, as for me this is a sacred time to go inwards, reflect on the year/ work/ relationships/ health, etc & gain some deeper insights into what is being called forth through me. A time to cherish myself for all the successes & failures as I remind myself, both take great courage.

I'm an advocate for when you are called by the Divine - all things are birthed through you rather than by you. So the work, is simply maintaining, cleaning & taking care of the vessel that homes your Soul. The rest can be surrendered to the Divine who will point the way, whisper or bang on the door when an action is needed to be taken.

This trust in the Divine opens the gateway to creativity, yet this flow needs maturity, to be taken care of and also balanced by the Mother energy vs Maiden energy. If you haven't read "Maiden to Mother" by Sarah Durham Wilson" - don't move not 2023 without reading it, whilst in the bath,, Epsom salts & candles to hand!

2022 has been a deeper process of healing, transformation & metamorphosis that I ever imagined I would be capable of handling. Over 20years of healing, supporting others & taking daily steps to heed the call of my Soul - I was shocked at what was being pulled from the depths of my unconscious. So to end 2022 in solitude with The Self & commune with The Source/ Mother/ Father, I am truly grateful for the space & deeper connection.

It's the first year where my Mother Energy has been able to provide me a deeply safe home to see clearly how my trauma has lead me to make choices, decisions & take actions that have been far too rushed - child in a sweet shop - all to avoid the inevitable failure that comes from trying to get to the finish line as a hare when you are a tortoise.

"What Helped Me Navigate 2022 & Face My Deepest Shadows Yet".

I hope this list will make you smile, remind you of the simplicity all around us that offers nourishment & of course to inspire you to prioritise your inner being...

1). Spending more time exploring new nature spots, rural, quiet locations to hear, feel, smell, sense & re-kindle my love, appreciation & beauty of the Earth/ Mother within & without.

2). Appreciating my 432Hz Crystal Sound Bowls for the connection to the Schumann resonance/ Heart Beat Of The Earth & bringing beautiful sound healing to my body & share this gift with clients.

3). Doga - Sharing my love of yoga with all the fur babies that have entered my life this year as my heart healed from the loss of beloved Toffie (12yr old pug) whose spirit is right by my side. Thank you Toffinder for bringing all these dogs to me that need sone TLC - you can stop now - hands are full.

4). Learning to embrace the Mother within me as I don't have children - fur babies! - love blankets, hugs & teach you so much about love of self, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, higher consciousness, understanding & the power of human connection with all sentient beings.

5). Beautiful homes - housesitting/ petsitting int he most incredible homes all over the UK/ World that are shared so openly from the heart. Check out Trusted House sitters!

6). Letting my competitive teenager come back to life in a healthy way - thrashing my brother, friends, etc at a game of pool. Anyone wanting to take me on?

7). Thank you Divine for teaching yoga through me! - Its a true honour to be able to share this wisdom, knowledge & life teachings with others. A true blessing & one I missed deeply during lockdown. May I value this gift forever.

8). Allowing my more mature Self to take over when my immature Self still believes fighting control is a better way than powerful boundaries. Allowing this new part to take over when I want to break rules that in fact are for my highest!. Not all rules are control.

9). Allowing my inner child to enjoy solar lights & bringing the Moon & Stars to her living room & bedroom, even if 50 years old. It's never too late to heal.

10). Staying cool, collected & letting things go - even when a fur baby is insistent in not letting go of your new shoes until it's ripped to shreds! - Breath is a miracle worker.

11). Grounding - spending the Solstice's in sacred locations or ritual areas to honour these times, connect to the wisdom of our ancestors & sink my feet deep into the Earth Mother.

12). Hand & Heart - Enjoying new rituals that nourish hands & heart as hands are an extension of the heart. I have loved massage & also sinking my hands into the Earth/ Sand/ Oils that remind me "I Am Here". This message/ ritual has reminded me to use my hands to soothe, provide a balm & calm myself & others through trauma/ transformation. Your hands matter & make a difference - use them wisely. Perhaps visualise the hands of an ancient elder and allow their powerful love to flow through yours.

13). Water - getting into water, near to water & on water as much as I can. being a Cancerian Crab, this is the way I soothe myself, clean away toxic energies around my energy field & feel I am held by the vast expansive energy of life, nature that flows in harmony & ferociously. Learning to ride these waves through anchoring as my Higher Self has supported me with more resilience, consistency & trust it's safe to simply let go & let god...

14). Tree climbing - has always been a favourite of mine & there is never an excuse to not get your bum (root) onto some bark! - the energy literally rides up your bum/ sooth/ base/ 1st chakra & gets the flow or prana/ chi moving up the spine again. Remember the spine is the foundation for the Nervous System so to calm, activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System & soothe Trauma/ Shadow/ Sacred Rage - trees are not just to look at but perch your cute yogi butt on. You will feel this glorious communication!

15). And last but not least, this year I turned 50 & as I take these selfies I smile that I no longer buy into the conditioning that I need lipstick, false eyelashes, false anything to be beautiful. My beauty is something that has been an ordeal, traumatic journey & painful experience to balance & bring to wholeness. Terrified of rejection & being ugly as a child I wore many masks, manipulated & made outer beauty way too much of a priority. Today, my outer beauty is seen by me in my little wrinkles starting to appear, grey hairs that I will wear with pride as I become an elder for women to come. Yes, I choose to become an elder for mourner women so that they might return to who they truly are far sooner & with more awareness & support from women than I did.

I love you & thank you for reading.

Please connect, share & let me know where you are on your journey to the Divine Feminine...

To Your Awakening & Ascension! Davinder x

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The Lighthouse Is A Self-Transformation Toolkit, Spiritual Education Centre & Soul Awakening School Created By Davinder Ojalla.

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