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MY Somatic Medicine Dance

MedYoga {Medicine-Yoga}

4 Soul Embodiment & Ecstasy

"In Your Delirious Joy We Dance"...

A soulfully intoxicating experience using free-style dance, somatic exercises, energy medicine, crystal bowls, self explorative movements, breath, voice & elemental music.


Physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually exhilarating, MY Somatic Dance is mostly non verbal, held in a warm dimmed room, a safe, holistic & comfortable womb-like space.

A mindfulness practice, slowing down, we encourage sensations, feelings, and emotions to emerge and give them freedom to be seen, felt, flow & transform back into the melting pot of truth, unconditional love, self acceptance & authentic power.


Through openness, curiosity & deeper listening we re-ignite the fires of creativity, self expression, spiritual surrender & an honouring of the gold beneath the surface & subconscious (shadow, lower self & repressed inner child).

We dance from the inside-out encouraging you to do as much or as little as your intuition guides on the day.

No dance experience necessary.

Yoga or meditation experience is advantageous but not essential.

New 🌙 Moon's...

MY (MedYoga)
Somatic Dance

@MedYoga School

Mind, Body & Soul Classes, Talks, Workshops, Programs, Retreats, Gatherings, Celebrations & Ceremonies.


Online Classes, Community /Soul Family & Spiritual Education Centre For The General Public As Well As A Self Care Centre For Care-Givers/ Holistic Experts/ Healers/ Teachers/ Therapists.

#Be The Lighthouse

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