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Yoga/ Spiritual Teacher/ Mental Health/ Trauma Therapist/ Consciousness Educator

MedYoga School


Mental Health, Childhood Trauma & Nervous System Recovery...

Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Abuse, Addictions, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Ascension Fatigue, Suicidal Crisis & Nervous System Recovery.


Hi I'm Davinder Ojalla,

The Founder Of MedYoga, 7 Keys Meditation & The Awakening Process.

Working In The Corporate Wold As A Director For A Large FTSE, My Life Was Suddenly Turned Topsy Turvy When I Heard The Call Of My Soul To Follow The Yogic Path.

Passionately Practicing Yoga & Spiritual Living For 30yrs & Teaching For Over 20yrs.


Over The Last 20yrs, I've Helped Thousands Of Clients Heal Trauma & Overcome/ Manage/ Transform Their Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual PAIN into SOUL EMBODIMENT.


My Passion Is To Facilitate Powerful Transformations through Somatic & Spiritual Approaches To Healing. Modalities Include: Movement Medicine/ Ecstatic Dance, Vagus Nerve Exercises, Breathwork, Bodywork, Sound Bowls, Past Life Regression, Inner Child, Shadow Work & Energy Healing.

I'm An Abuse Survivor & Therapist Using Recent Research, Client Research, Spiritual Education & My Own Experience To Offer Guidance, Tools & Community For Recovery.


Qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Diploma: Counselling/ CBT (Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Rape, Addictions, Suicidal Crisis, Eating Disorders), 2yrs @School Of Energy Healing (Greenwich).


Holistic Mental Health, Childhood Trauma & Nervous System Recovery.

Become A MedYogi ...

Fun at Yoga

School Of Healing, Transformation & Empowerment

Holistic Mental Health, Childhood Trauma & Nervous System Recovery

An online toolkit, community & membership for Trauma/ Mental Health education, holistic healing & somatic practices.

Come home to your centre, find refuge in stillness & discover power in silence. A safe haven to develop self love & self care during challenging times as you navigate new thresholds & become more familiar with unknown territory, subconscious/ unconscious programs/ metamorphosis and the embodiment process/ rebirthing of your soul.

MedYoga School offers free, dana/ donation & sliding scale payment options

in order to make holistic medicine, spiritual teachings, tools & therapies available to all.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor



Medicine Yoga

Tuesdays Online

@7.30pm GMT Zoom

Library 4 Members



Learn To Meditate

Thursdays Online

@7.30pm GMT Zoom

Library 4 Members



Progressive Muscle Relaxation & Nidra Deep Sleep Meditation

Mondays Online

@12pm GMT

Library 4 Members



Compassionate Breathwork

Fridays Online

@12pm GMT

Library 4 Members

Kundalini Yoga Breathing


Inner Child/ Shadow Work/ Trauma Healing.

Monthly Group Therapy

Q&A/ Satsang / Ceremony

Members Only



432H2 Frequency

Trauma Sound Therapy

Wednesdays @12pm GMT

Library 4 Members


Online Classes

Voice Therapy, Vagal Toning, Mantras, Chakra Toning, Kirtan & Humming

Mondays 6.45pm GMT

Library 4 Members

A woman singing in a record studio


Divine Feminine Revolution

Networking & Soul Biz- Sisterhood/ Women's Circle

Online Quarterly

Members Only

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"Davinder is very intellectual & a truly extraordinary teacher & coach.
Having practiced self-development for more than 10yrs, I find Davinder & her work so unique.
Her teachings have a deep healing power that helps me transform my thinking, attitude & behaviors in many ways. Now being a working mum of two little children, my regular practice with Davinder brings more power, energy & confidence in daily life"


121 Sessions

Trauma Therapy, Coaching, Counselling, Energy Healing, Bodywork & Breathwork.

Reading To Your Dog

Mental Health & Trauma Therapy x 3mths

A private 3mth deeply transformative & powerful therapy designed by Davinder over 20yrs for the healing of trauma.

Usually used by ex clients of Cardinal/ Priory Clinics.


Incorporating a mindful approach to self inquiry, mental, emotional, physical & spiritual blockages.

Offering a safe space & framework to explore into Deeply Embedded Patterns, Cycles, Human Energy Field, Subconscious/ Unconscious Memory. These packages are created bespoke to the specific background, challenges & needs of the individual.

Casual Meeting

Life & Business

Coaching x 3mths

A 3mth bespoke coaching & healing program for soulful entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, creatives, visionaries & heart powered leaders. 

Tailored to your specific needs - in life, health, wealth, relationships or career/ business.


May include inner child work, past life regression, shadow work, relationship cords, bodywork, breathwork, voice, sound etc.

Designed specifically for the embodiment & education of holistic therapies as part of your mentoring & self love program.



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"I Believe All Women Deserve To Know Their True Power, Worth & Potential & Never Have To Live In Fear Of It".

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